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Turner Syndrome 101


I talk a lot about my mental health on this here blog, but something I rarely bring up is the physical side of my wellbeing. Those who know me well in real life might think this is a bit strange, especially since my medical file is so thick it could give Proust a run for his money.

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer, or, A Pale Girl's Lament


Sorry there wasn't a post last week, guys - my MacBook is throwing an ongoing tantrum. Let's hope I can get this scheduled before my WiFi conks out again! 

Being a pale makeup-wearer is a struggle. Although the shade range in most cosmetics brands has vastly improved since the Dream Matte Mousse days of my teens, I still find that even the ivories and the porcelains of the foundation world are too dark for my ghostly visage. Add in the fact that I have neutral-to-pink undertones in my skin rather than the yellow tones of most pale foundations, and finding my exact match becomes like a needle in a haystack.

Back To Black With Butter London


Painting my nails is something I can rarely be bothered with. As much as I love looking at gorgeous nail art on instagram, I just do not have the patience or the hand-eye coordination skills it takes to achieve that effect myself. As a result, on the few-and-far-between occasions when I do buy a nail polish, it’s usually a cheapish drugstore brand because I know it won’t get much use.