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Painting my nails is something I can rarely be bothered with. As much as I love looking at gorgeous nail art on instagram, I just do not have the patience or the hand-eye coordination skills it takes to achieve that effect myself. As a result, on the few-and-far-between occasions when I do buy a nail polish, it’s usually a cheapish drugstore brand because I know it won’t get much use.

On Learning To Trust Again.


When we first meet, I am fractured. My high school and college experiences have left me withdrawn and cynical - a void resonant with venomous words and treachery.

My Blemish-Banishing Holy Trinity


I didn’t have much of a problem with spots throughout my teens, probably due to a combination of luck, genetics and the fact that I didn’t start wearing foundation until I was in my first year of University.
These days, though, I get spots more often. They mostly appear on or around my nose, but I get a few on my chin and jawline too, especially around Shark Week.
Fortunately, I’ve found three products that, when combined, have been pretty darn effective at sending my spots packing:

Yes To Tomatoes Combination Skin Cleanser
I scooped this up in Boots during a particularly unpleasant breakout, and although I don’t use it all the time, I always find myself digging it out when my skin is in a bad way. The natural ingredients are gentle and soothing, and work to even out the oils in combination skin. A week or so of using this cleanser usually does away with my spots. As the name suggests, though, it does give off a strong whiff of tomatoes, so be prepared to smell like gazpacho for an hour or so!

Pixi Glow Tonic
Chances are you’ve heard of this cult product, and for good reason. It’s a toner enriched with glycolactic acid which works to sweep away dead cells, leaving the skin brighter. It’s also packed with skin-calming ingredients like aloe and witch hazel to relieve redness and skin irritations. I use it morning and evening after cleansing, but it can also be decanted into a cosmetic spray bottle and spritzed on over makeup during the day. It’s particularly pleasant to use in the summer because it feels so refreshing - on really hot days I keep it in the fridge!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ 
I mentioned this in an early, since-deleted post about my evening skincare routine, and I’m finding it especially useful lately. It’s a cream-gel designed to unclog pores and prevent blemishes from scarring, and as I said in the evening skincare post, it’s incredibly potent. I use a teeny amount on my problem areas before bed, and I usually find that any spots are visibly reduced by the morning! I’ll be repurchasing this without doubt; it’s a must-have for breakout situations.

What products do you use to wave your blemishes bye-bye?